Hair experience that would motivate you

Hello lovely, thank you so much for tapping on that link. To my fans and supporters out here, love you. You have genuinely being my biggest inspiration.

Let’s get right into today’s load of gist, due to popular demand, hair experience seems to have topped the list.

Don’t worry, I’d take them (skin, school and life experiences) one after the other, to avoid bombarding you with too much to read.

Well, as you may know, or not know, I have been natural for a year and some months now and I have learnt a whole lot within that time frame. A lotttt!

I got inspired after seeing this young lady’s hair, shoutout to your hair Juanita. I was so in awe, like how can natural hair grow out this way, that was when the challenge started for me. *sips green tea*

The following months was going to end in disaster, lol. I researched and researched, I stopped relaxers, also called perms, I couldn’t get the right information.

But I wasn’t going to give up. Hairdressers that saw my hair at that period said things like, “go and cut it or dread it all up”. I ignored because well, I was seeing the future.

I read books, watched YouTube videos but nothing seemed like it was working. I remember when I had a washday and I couldn’t comb my hair….*cries emotionally* my friends helped me to comb it and it ended in tears.

I was battling with dry hair, receding hairline(edges) and dandruff then. It took lockdown and WiFi to knock senses into me. I was reading but not applying the right things, when I started sieving the information and actually working it, that was when changes occurred. In less than a month, I was seeing growth in both my hair and edge line, I had also completely eradicated dandruff.

I won’t tell you it is easy, no it isn’t. My hair isn’t where I want it to be but I know I’m making progress. The journey of my dream hair length has begun and I won’t take back everything I’ve been through. I’m come to accept every stage that my hair comes with. I and my hair, I actually gave her a name, have bonded a lot so much that we have come to a consensus about how things work up there.

Call me crazy, but call her Fromina. You have me to put you through to get to that dream length or volume or thickness. Don’t waste the opportunity, take that step. Learn self love, positive thinking and patience, those three helped my journey.

My relaxed hair
My hair last year December
My hair now

I hope I was able to inspire someone to keep pushing, that bad things are happening doesn’t mean there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for reading🥰

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